Gen Zaluzhny Turned 50 Today

General Zaluzhny, the top commander of the Ukrainian army, turned 50 today, the last 500 days of which he spent defending his country against a full-scale invasion by an insidious invader. He defended successfully that even the enemy, whose propaganda breaks world records of lies daily, responds with respectful fear about the general. And not for nothing – the general’s strategy, aimed at exhausting the forces of a stronger enemy, paid off, and the Ukrainian armed forces began liberating their territory. Slowly but surely!
On the occasion of the anniversary of General Zaluchny, I raise a question about the adjustment of the KoD. This card was for General Javelin, and few could see the Javelin operator’s profile resemblance to General Zaluzhny. It’s time for him to turn to the viewer after a successful shot that hits the target. One less Russian tank! Would you support KoD becoming a dualist card like the other five UU face cards? If this were to happen, six cards in the UU deck would be traditionally symmetrical, and six would be asymmetrical. This could be a unique valuable feature of UU. Logical and attractive? Or should all face cards be dualistic? The design of the card is in progress.

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