V-E Day in the Fire of New War

The burning of the Angel of Death on the altar of WWII claimed tens of millions of victims. On May 8, the unconditional capitulation of Germany officially ended the bloodiest war in history on the European continent. It is the end of victory and suffering for some but the continuation of struggle and tragedy for others. In the desperate battle of Evil against Evil, the adepts of the Western democracies prudently, as it seemed to them at the time, chose the side of the lesser Evil, mistakenly believing that they would be able to tame him. The global military conflict not only killed the destinies of several generations of people and destroyed entire states and cities but also broke the entire world order established after the First World War: Evil, cannibalizing other Evil, became absolute and, with the meek consent of the West, devoured the part of Europe, subjugating or destroying it independent Eastern European countries. Stalin got even more than Hitler promised him in 1939 in secret mutual pacts. The tyranny of the East, whatever you call it – Horde, Tartary, Czarist Russia, the Soviet Union, or the Russian Federation – has never hidden its ambitions for world conquest and the destruction of Western civilization. Unfortunately, the condescension to Evil prompts him to act: intoxicated by impunity and his self-created illusions, Evil has once again ignited war in Europe to occupy and destroy the free and independent nation and state of Ukraine. But will the world defend itself this time?

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