Past Present Future

Every year on January 13, fourteen angels with burning hearts march through the streets of Vilnius. From the Antakalnis cemetery, past the Cathedral, along Gediminas Avenue, they reach the Parliament, the Television and Radio building, ending their march at the top of the TV tower. Not everyone can see their march, shining white armor, cloaks flapping in the winter winds, and glowing wings. Not everyone hears the echo of firm footsteps, and not everyone feels the heat of hearts burning in their chests! But as long as some see them, as long as some understand the meaning of their march, the guardian angels will return to march through the streets of Vilnius every year!
The group of angels of the White Knights is defenders of the City and Lithuania, mythological keepers of the peace. Where are they all the other days of the year? In Ukraine. They now continue their battle against evil there.

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